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About us

The primary intent at Greentree Preparatory Charter is to enable our students to become exemplary citizens, enjoy learning, be able to engage in critical thinking, and to demonstrate complete mastery of educational building blocks to ultimately become successful, productive and contributing high school graduates. Through various teaching methods, small classes, academic support, innovative use of technology and leadership opportunities for all, we seek to enable our students to become successful.

The curriculum will also incorporate geographical concepts to all thematic units to ensure students become aware of the different cultures and backgrounds that comprise our diverse community.


The mission of the Greentree Preparatory Charter School (GTP) is to prepare K-5th grade students for high academic achievement and personal success through rigorous study and instruction aligned with the state and federal government standards in the best of the classical and liberal arts tradition in order to teach and reach every child and allow him/her to become a self-governing, productivity and reliant individual and citizen.


Students will learn and demonstrate academic success in all core subjects: math, language arts, social studies, and sciences. While we are committed to high performing academics, we have a fun focus in which we will make learning exciting and interesting through hands on experienced based teaching and fun after school activities.


The philosophy of Greentree Preparatory Charter is to start children on the path to success. We believe that every child is gifted, therefore, materials for gifted learners will be available for all children in the school.